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We welcome spring and summer with brand new jewellery statement pieces in real gold and silver.

With a passion for the simple yet eye-catching look, my desire is to create jewellery that is much more than just accessories. The jewellery is created to be something special for you, either because it

emphasise your personality and unique style, or because you want to carry a special story with you.

That's why in our jewellery universe you'll find both well-known classics and brand new shooting stars in a collection of Danish design jewellery in real gold and silver.

Mads Ziegler
Founder and designer


From 2021, we have made a decision that all our label jewellery will be made from recycled gold and silver. This means we are helping to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with the production of jewellery - in this way our jewellery has sentimental value in more ways than one.

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