Me & My Angel

Me & My Angel is a unique piece of jewellery that symbolises the connection and love that can exist between two people - for example between soul mates or mother and child. Prick the angel out of the amulet and gift the angel or silhouette to someone close to your heart.

Mads Ziegler

When you buy Me & My Angel, you support children in Julemærkehjem with 50 DKK.


Me & My Angel is unique jewellery from Mads Z designed to share with the one close to your heart.

The pendant consists of a round amulet with an angel attached inside. The angel can be pricked out, so you get an angel in one necklace and an amulet with a silhouette in another necklace. The jewellery symbolises the connection and love that can exist between, for example, two soul mates or a mother and child. In the Me & My Angel series you will also find earrings, where you can choose between small angel studs or an amulet with silhouettes as an earring.

Togetherness and love is a feeling every child deserves to grow up with. That's why Mads Z wants to support the great work the Julemaerkefonden does every day to combat bullying, loneliness and low self-esteem among children and young people in Denmark.

You can help us to support the Julemaerkefonden: buy a Me & My Angel jewellery and donate 50 DKK.

We thank you for your contribution to giving children back their smiles.